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Ultra Premium Specialty Chetoui EVOO

This California Arbequina evokes notes of creamy almond in the center and a delicate pepper finish. A great baking oil, it is also highly recommended for confectionary applications.


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This Chetoui is a special limited oil registering the highest phenol count of the season and in the world! It displays delayed but significant pepperiness signifying it’s healthy antioxidants. Be careful, we’ve dubbed this fiery EVOO a “3 cougher”. Contains notes of green tea leaf and hints of malt.

Crushed November 2020 in Tunisia

Biophenols: 1127.9 ppm         FFA: .27                          Oleic Acid: 65.3

Peroxide: 6.7                           DAGS: 94.6                     PPP: <1.0

Fruitiness: 4.8                        Bitterness: 4.3                Pungency: 5.o